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Welcome to Global Energy Management Ltd

Global Energy Management Ltd is an Irish owned company formed to provide consumers, both private and commercial, with affordable & economic solutions to everyday energy consumption costs in an environmentally friendly way.

We provide our clients with solutions, through specific products and services, to help them achieve significant levels of reduction in energy costs which, in turn, will provide a substantial increase in energy saving and in CO2 emissions.

Energy waste is still an issue throughout many Irish organisations. Unfortunately, capturing energy waste has been hindered by a lack of focus on energy management. Too often energy management is characterised as being poorly co-ordinated and undervalued. Organisations that have adopted effective energy management strategies and built successful energy programs have had different results.

Global Energy Management Ltd is proud to have partnered up with PowerSines who are a leading global provider of energy efficiency solutions. Leveraging decades of PowerSines R&D, voltage control expertise and environmental awareness, we deliver advanced and effective voltage optimisation solutions that make financial sense.

Click here to learn more about Powersines patented voltage regulation technology. 


We have the clients to prove it!

The bottom line is that good energy management is good business, and implementing an energy management strategy is a business decision you cannot afford to ignore.


Global Energy Management offer PowerSines Right Voltage Technology


Commercial Energy Controller (ComEC)



  • Energy Savings of up to 20%
  • Voltage Optimisation & Stabilisation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Highly efficient - 99%
  • No change to existing infrastructure
  • Zero maintenance
  • Seamless EMS/BMS integration
  • Improved power factor           
  • Remote energy management system built in      



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Lighting Energy Controllers (LECs)


  • 15% - 35% energy saving
  • Voltage Optimisation & Stabilisation
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Highly efficient – 99.5%
  • No change to existing infrastructure
  • Easy installation
  • Reduce maintenance and re-lamping costs










Global Energy Management Ltd. now offer the complete range of Electrocorder Dataloggers.


Electrocorder is a UK based manufacturer of voltage and current dataloggers for industry. Unlike other manufacturers, all electrocorder instruments are "off the shelf", as opposed to besoke solutions.





Compete range of Single or Three phase data loggers available:

  • Power/Energy and Appliance loggers
  • AC Voltage Loggers
  • DC & Renewable Energy Loggers
  • AC Current Loggers

All loggers are very competitively priced offering a reliable and affordable solution.



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Over 25,000 Controllers Worldwide.

A proven and patented technology

The Port of Cork - Cargo Area

Saving over 22%
on High Mast Lighting


Private Road Operator

Watergrasshill Bypass

Saving over 28%
on Public Lighting

Following The Barry Group's Agreement with Global Energy to assist retailers reduce energy bills, Multiple Costcutter stores saving over 8% on Electrical Consumption

EuroLink M3 & M4 Operator

Saving over 21%
on Street Lighting

Tralee ITT

Saving over 29%
on outdoor lighting

Abbeylands Nursing Home

Saving over 09%
on All Electrical Loads

Good Fish Processing Plant
Saving over 13%